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Interns gain insight on Bay Area job prospects

2021 - 07 - 29

The first batch of 110 university students from Hong Kong and Macao has begun internships in Nansha, taking a step toward greater understanding of the development of the mainland, and pursuing their dreams of working in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


Nansha reaches out to young Hong Kong, Macao talents

2021 - 05 - 18

An employment promotion fair for Hong Kong and Macao youths was held at Nansha International Talent Port on May 15, attracting the attendance of nearly 60 students from Hong Kong and Macao who are studying at Guangzhou universities.

Nansha approved as China's first international talent special district

2021 - 02 - 20

​Guangzhou's Nansha district will be built into an "international talent special district" with global influence by 2035 - the first of its kind in China.

New favorable policy for talents in Nansha

2020 - 03 - 27

Guangzhou’s Nansha district rolled out eight measures helping qualified personnel resume work on March 17 in response to the COVID-19 epidemic.


Nansha bureau introduces first batch of Hong Kong, Macao youth talents

2020 - 04 - 13

The Industrial Park Development Authority of Guangzhou Nansha New Area has welcomed two of the four people from the first batch of youth employees from Hong Kong and Macao on April 8.

Nansha: a magnet for talents

2019 - 05 - 21

The 2019 Future Human Resources Technology Summit of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, focused on the integration of human resources and cutting-edge technology, was held at the Sheraton Hotel on May 16 in Nansha.

How does Nansha transform from geographic center to intelligence center?

2019 - 01 - 18

Located at the geographic center of the Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Nansha strengthens cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao in education so as to provide a basic and long-lasting development impetus and intelligent support for the whole district.

Guide to Apply for Short-term Foreigner’s Work Permit in Guangzhou

2018 - 10 - 26

Foreigners planning to work for a short-term (90 days or less) in Guangzhou shall apply for Foreigner's Work Permit (90 days or less). High-end foreign experts shall apply for Invitation Letter for Foreign Experts.

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