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Matrimonial property: What you need to know

2024 - 02 - 18

Matrimonial property is a very important issue within marital relationships, involving a diverse array of legal concepts. Here are some questions and answers regarding matrimonial property.

Guide for foreigners in Guangzhou: Marriage, adoption

2024 - 01 - 03

Here is the guide of marriage and adoption for foreigners in Guangzhou.


Couples seeking divorce given some breathing space

2024 - 01 - 03

After a monthlong "cooling-off" period, a woman surnamed Li, from Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, obtained her divorce certificate at the end of April.

Out-of-towners' marriage registration, divorce filings to start in June

2024 - 01 - 03

China will allow out-of-towners to register for marriage or file for divorce starting in June in a number of provinces, municipalities and provincial capitals, Ministry of Civil Affairs officials said Wednesday.

Want a divorce in Guangzhou? Step this way

2024 - 01 - 03

The divorce appointment system in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, is being abused by couples who don't show up at the scheduled time, civil affairs authority in the city said.

On-water wedding brings old tradition to younger generation

2024 - 01 - 03

Four small wooden boats decorated with red and purple silk belts, floral ornaments and Chinese characters known as shuang xi (which signify "double good luck" and areoften used at weddings) glided along the river.

Marriage and divorce registration

2024 - 01 - 03

This column offers a list of identity papers required for foreign nationals to register marriage or divorce in Guangzhou.

Marriage registration authority

2024 - 01 - 03

Here is the information of marriage registration authority.

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