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Nansha launches international community mini program, platform

2022 - 10 - 08

​On the morning of September 29, the launching ceremony of Suiyue Mini Program and the Home of Foreign Nationals Service Platform of Nansha International Community was held in Jiaomenhe Community, Nansha Subdistrict, Nansha District of Guangzhou.

People chill out at Nansha's libraries during summer

2022 - 08 - 08

In the hot summer, the branches of the Nansha Library provide a cool and comfortable reading environment for visitors. As a result, it has been drawing a large number of readers eager to read and study while also escaping the scorching summer heat.

南沙蝴蝶楼 - 副本.png

Nansha's Butterfly Building

2022 - 08 - 03

​Built-in the 1930s, the Butterfly Building is located in Yuwotou village, Dongchong town, Nansha district, Guangzhou. It has been designated a cultural relics protection unit in Guangzhou.

南沙智能图书馆 - 副本.jpg

Nansha's second intelligent library opens in Pearl Bay

2022 - 02 - 28

Nansha's second smart library has opened in Pearl Bay.


New library branch opens in Nansha

2021 - 10 - 09

A new branch of the Nansha Library and the Guangzhou Library at the Creation Enjoyment Bay Timetable youth entrepreneurial base has now opened to the public, local media outlets reported on Oct 5.


Huangge to be renovated into Nansha's cultural window

2021 - 08 - 12

Huangge town in Guangzhou's Nansha district will be built into a leading cultural town in the district, officials from Huangge town announced on July 29.

640.webp (4).jpg

Revelers celebrate Thailand Songkran Festival in Nansha

2021 - 04 - 13

A host of Thailand dishes were served and performances were staged at Nansha Bird Park on April 10 and 11 to celebrate Songkran Festival.


Nansha cultural event entertains visitors during May Day holiday

2021 - 05 - 06

The 13th Mazu Cultural Tourism Festival was held at Nansha Tianhou Palace in Guangzhou's Nansha district from May 1 to 5, attracting large numbers of tourists.

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