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Spring Festival is coming

2019 - 01 - 31

​The traditions of Chinese New Year are unique in the world, where everything has an important significance.

Nansha holds calligraphy writing activities to greet Spring Festival

2019 - 01 - 21

The Nansha District Literary Union and related institutions jointly hosted a calligraphy writing activity to greet Spring Festival at the Dongchong Taishi Plaza on Jan 9.


2018 - 10 - 26

The "Hengli Saltwater Song" is a Cantonese dialect fishing song sung by local residents to express their feelings about work and life.

Nansha Library

2018 - 10 - 26

Located in Jinjiao Avenue in Nansha district and near the Nansha Cultural Center, the four-story Nansha Library covers 6,200 square meters.

Nansha Culture Center

2018 - 10 - 29

Nansha Culture Center is a mass cultural institution set up by the Nansha People's Government and the center of creativity, counseling and training for mass cultural work in Nansha.

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