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Nansha to host festive events for upcoming holiday

2023 - 09 - 27

From September to October, major attractions and shopping areas in Nansha are hosting a series of themed cultural, commercial, and tourism activities, providing visitors with many exciting places to visit during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays.


Nansha upgrades public spaces for recreational use

2023 - 09 - 13

Guangzhou's Nansha district recently carried out renovations at Jiaomen Park, including updating its walls and adding cycling ramps, local media outlets reported on Sept 12.


New watersports center provides more options for Nansha citizens

2023 - 09 - 01

The Wanqingsha Shibachong Water sports Center started operation in Nansha Wetland Park on Aug 28.


Nansha Tianhou Palace recognized as filming site for architecture

2023 - 08 - 30

The Nansha Tianhou Palace has been recognized as a filming site for its unique architecture by the municipal government of Guangzhou, local media outlets reported on Aug 28.

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Nansha boasts a bounty of summer fruits

2023 - 07 - 31

As summer graces Guangzhou's Nansha district, a delightful array of fruits have ripened, offering delectable treats to both locals and visitors, local media outlets reported on July 30.


Landmark complex in Nansha to offer great views

2023 - 07 - 28

The approved design of the planned Nansha Integrated Cultural and Sports Complex project made its debut recently.


Hengli Island advances scenic landscape construction

2023 - 07 - 20

The northern coast of Hengli Island and its waterfront landscape belt are currently undergoing vigorous construction.


Discover Nansha's vibrant coffee culture

2023 - 07 - 04

In Guangzhou's Nansha district, coffee shops have gathered together, creating a strong coffee culture. The district is known for its rich selection of coffee options and welcoming atmosphere.

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