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Gorgeous waterways to be explored in Nansha

2023 - 03 - 09

As spring makes its presence known and warms the earth, picturesque waterways in Guangzhou's Nansha district are ready for the residents and visitors to go exploring.

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Cherry blossoms bring spring to Nansha

2023 - 02 - 23

The cherry blossoms in the forest park on Eighteen Luohan Mountain, Dagang town in Nansha district, recently began to bloom, which has attracted many citizens to visit.


Nansha holds tree-planting activity

2023 - 02 - 14

​Guangzhou's Nansha district held a voluntary tree-planting activity on Feb 13, to promote the ecological construction of a "green and beautiful Guangdong".


Nansha's sky lights up with fireworks, UAVs

2023 - 02 - 07

Guangzhou's Nansha district held a fireworks and drone show at the tip of Lingshan Island on Feb 5 to celebrate the Lantern Festival and to wish citizens well.


Riverside green roads in Nansha welcome tourists

2023 - 02 - 06

Guangzhou's Nansha district is a place that balances modern convenience with ecological civilization. People living here can enjoy excellent living standards, while knowing that nature is not too far away.


Enjoy flowers blossoming in Nansha this spring

2023 - 02 - 02

The flowers in Guangzhou's Nansha district have begun to blossom as spring approaches. Come and enjoy flower blossoms in Nansha this spring!


New Year festivities surge in Nansha

2023 - 01 - 20

​Nansha Innovation Bay held a new year fair that combined New Year festivities with Hong Kong and Macao elements on January 16.


Nansha invites tourists to visit during Spring Festival

2023 - 01 - 19

​Nansha held a promotion conference themed "bird watching by the sea" on Jan 16.

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