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Fishing Songs For Sunset Inn

2024 - 02 - 02

Nestled against the mountains and resting by the water, Fishing Songs For Sunset Inn is located on the banks of the Nansha Wetland.


Stone Inn

2024 - 02 - 02

The Stone Inn's design concept comes from the nostalgia and retro of Lingnan's "home culture."


Ln Garden Hotel

2024 - 02 - 02

Ln Garden Hotel Guangzhou Nansha is adjacent to the Nansha Binhai Dajiao Mountain Park.

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Indulge in delightful Cantonese morning tea in Nansha

2024 - 01 - 17

Why not treat yourself to a leisurely Cantonese morning tea in the warm and cozy ambiance of Guangzhou's Nansha district?


Yulu melons cultivated with aerosol comes into market

2024 - 01 - 12

Yulu melons, an imported cantaloupe variety, are grown using a rare aerosol cultivation method in Guangzhou's Nansha district, local media outlets reported on Jan 10.


Delightful flavors await at Nansha's orchards

2024 - 01 - 03

Vibrant strawberries, golden oranges, mulberries, cherry tomatoes... Various fruits compete to be the first delightful sweetness on people's tongues in early winter.


Discover exquisite HK, Macao cuisine in Nansha

2024 - 01 - 02

Nansha district is a culinary haven, boasting many exceptional restaurants that offer tasty Hong Kong and Macao cuisine.


Let Nansha's seafood tingle your taste buds

2023 - 12 - 27

​Nansha's seafood offers an exquisite array of flavors and cooking techniques that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

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