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Illuminated fence beams new urban light

2019 - 07 - 19

The China Railway Construction Haiyuxi fence project at the intersection of Huangge South Road and Meixin Road was officially completed in Guangzhou's Nansha district on July 17.

Nansha’s import of parallel vehicles soars nearly 50 percent

2019 - 07 - 19

The number of imported parallel vehicles transiting Guangzhou's Nansha Customs reached 7,805 in the first half of this year, an increase of 49.21 percent over the same period last year.

Internship program for Hong Kong, Macao students winds up

2019 - 07 - 19

A graduation sharing session was put on in Guangzhou’s Nansha district as a closing link of the “one hundred enterprises, thousands of talents” internship program for Hong Kong and Macao students on July 15.

RISE of Nansha: roadshow heralds 2019 East Tech West Conference

2019 - 07 - 19

A roadshow was put on in Hong Kong as a warm-up to the 2019 East Tech West conference on July 9. The conference, sponsored by US TV channel CNBC and Guangzhou’s Nansha district, will be held from Nov 18 to 20, gathering the world’s most powerful tech leaders.

Nansha, Meizhou join hands for coordinated development

2019 - 07 - 18

Cai Chaolin, party secretary of CPC Nansha distict Committee and Meizhou’s mayor Zhang Aijun witnessed signing of an agreement for co-construction and sharing between the Nansha Administrative committee and the Meizhou municipal government in the district on July 15.

Nansha and Shunde join hands in shipping service

2019 - 07 - 17

Guangzhou's Nansha district port customs clearance and logistics policy description meeting was held on July 9. Nansha has carried out in-depth cooperation in river and sea transport, intelligent port cooperation and logistics interconnection with Shunde, a district of Foshan, another city in Guangdong province, since 2018.

Nansha builds a 39.5-km ecological corridor

2019 - 07 - 16

Guangzhou’s Nansha district plans to build a 39.5-kilometer ecological corridor, passing through landscapes such as mountains, rivers, towns, farmlands and seas.

Nansha’s customs safeguards imported food safety

2019 - 07 - 15

Nansha’s customs quarantined a total of 4,490 batches of imported food in the first half of this year, a year-on-year increase of 61.3 percent, according to their internal data.

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