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Nansha vows to cultivate more local listed companies

2020 - 08 - 07

A three-year action plan on promoting more Nansha companies being listed was released by Nansha's financial working bureau on July 29, noting that 10 more companies will be listed on domestic or overseas markets in three years.

Nansha's GDP up 0.3% in H1

2020 - 08 - 07

Nansha's gross domestic product in the first half of 2020 amounted to 79.53 billion yuan ($11.43 billion), a year-on-year increase of 0.3 percent.

Construction accelerated for intl finance island in Nansha

2020 - 08 - 06

Construction for the main structure of the permanent site of the International Finance Forum (IFF) in Guangzhou's Nansha district will to start on Sept 9.

Peking University students visit Nansha

2020 - 08 - 05

A delegation of three teachers and 28 students from the Guanghua School of Management of Peking University started a one-week practical research activity in Nansha on Aug 4.

Nansha launches 24h police service with AI

2020 - 08 - 04

The Party Member and Residents AI Service Station of Jiaomenhe community in Guangzhou's Nansha district was put into official operation on July 31.

Nansha unveils GBA youth innovation, entrepreneurship center

2020 - 08 - 03

The innovation and entrepreneurship center for youths from Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao in Guangzhou's Nansha district unveiled its plaque on July 31.

Mead Johnson Nutrition's cross-border center settles in Nansha

2020 - 07 - 31

The launch ceremony of Mead Johnson Nutrition's cross-border center was held on July 30 in Guangzhou's Nansha district.

IPv6 laboratory unveils plaque in Guangzhou's Nansha

2020 - 07 - 31

The plaque-unveiling ceremony for the Global IPv6 Testing Center's Guangzhou laboratory and the Nansha demonstration base for full IPv6 application was held on July 30.

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