Nansha Wetland, paradise for migratory birds

2023 - 12 - 18

In Nansha Wetland, the agile figures of migratory birds can be seen in flocks, sometimes perching and sometimes soaring with their wings spread wide, local media outlets reported on Dec 17.

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Nansha adds 2 new leisure stroll destinations for visitors

2023 - 12 - 11

The external river levee upgrade and renovation project on Yisha Island, Hengli town, has recently been completed, local media outlets reported on Dec 9.


Dagang Park recognized as Nansha's 1st ancient tree park

2023 - 11 - 10

Dagang Park, located on the northwest side of the intersection of Tiyu Road and Zhenan Road in Nansha district, has been designated as the district's first ancient tree park, local media outlets reported on Nov 9.


Nansha builds forest parks to become eco-friendly resort

2023 - 10 - 12

The government of Guangzhou recently announced plans to establish two new forest parks in Nansha by 2035, namely the Dashanna Forest Park and the Nandashan Forest Park.


Nansha Tianhou Palace recognized as filming site for architecture

2023 - 08 - 30

The Nansha Tianhou Palace has been recognized as a filming site for its unique architecture by the municipal government of Guangzhou, local media outlets reported on Aug 28.


Gorgeous waterways to be explored in Nansha

2023 - 03 - 09

As spring makes its presence known and warms the earth, picturesque waterways in Guangzhou's Nansha district are ready for the residents and visitors to go exploring.

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