Construction on supporting facilities for IFF permanent venue progressing well

Updated: 2023-10-17

The supporting roads for the permanent site of the International Finance Forum (IFF) have been mostly completed, ensuring the scheduled opening of the 20th Global Annual Conference of the IFF. The road network includes the Fenghuang Avenue auxiliary road, Hengli Zhong Road and Anyi Road.

The upgraded road network, with a total length of approximately 7.6 kilometers, is designed to enhance the landscape of an area of more than 59,200 square meters. About 40,700 sq m of roads have been renovated.

The Fenghuang Avenue auxiliary road is a secondary trunk road, connecting the Fenghuang Second Bridge to Hengli Zhong Road. It has been transformed into an eight-lane road with a length of approximately 1.4 km.

The road surface has been repaired, drainage pipes have been cleaned, traffic signals signs have been installed, and the greenery along the road has been improved, covering an area of about 12,000 sq m.

Additionally, the landscape nodes under two bridges have been revitalized, covering approximately 9,000 sq m. About 900 meters of old fencing along the road has also been replaced.

The completion of these roads will make it more convenient to transport to the IFF permanent site.

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