• The International Finance Forum (IFF) has a long-standing connection with Nansha, Guangzhou. In 2016, the IFF planned to set up its permanent venue in the district, and since 2020, the IFF annual meetings has been held in Nansha. In October 2023, the IFF 20th Anniversary & Annual Meeting was held at the completed IFF Permanent Venue on Hengli Island, Nansha for the first time.

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  • Construction on supporting facilities for IFF permanent venue progressing well

    ​The supporting roads for the permanent site of the International Finance Forum (IFF) have been mostly completed, ensuring the scheduled opening of the 20th Global Annual Conference of the IFF. The road network includes the Fenghuang Avenue auxiliary road, Hengli Zhong Road and Anyi Road.

  • IFF permanent venue passes inspections

    The permanent venue of the International Financial Forum (IFF) on Hengli Island, Nansha district, recently passed inspections and is now busy preparing for the 20th IFF global conference in October this year.

  • Guangzhou's IFF venue nears completion

    ​The construction of the International Financial Forum (IFF) Permanent Site project in Guangzhou's Nansha district has entered its final phase.