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Deep-sea smart aquaculture, tourism platform delivered in Nansha

Updated: 2024-06-03nansha.guangdong.chinadaily.com.cn

On May 30, the semi-submersible deep-sea intelligent aquaculture and tourism platform "Fish Farm-Pusheng 6" built by Guangzhou Shipyard International Company for Hainan Pusheng Marine Technology Development Company, was delivered in Nansha district.

This platform, boasting a total length of 100 meters, a maximum width of 39 meters, top deck height of 27.6 meters, an operational draft of 15 meters, and an aquaculture water capacity exceeding 60,000 cubic meters, was designed by the Guangzhou Institute of Energy Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It has received certification from the China Classification Society (CCS).


Fish Farm-Pusheng 6. [Photo/WeChat account: gz_nanshafabu]

The platform is powered by photovoltaic electricity, enabling self-sufficiency in energy supply. Additionally, it is equipped with advanced seawater desalination, wastewater treatment, and oil pollution control systems, ensuring zero pollution to the surrounding marine environment during aquaculture operations.

To ensure safety, the platform is fortified with a robust four-corner mooring system, providing formidable resistance to wind and waves. This facilitates stable and secure aquaculture operations even under extreme weather conditions.

This pioneering aquaculture and tourism platform uniquely incorporates leisure tourism elements, offering a diverse array of functions, including leisure, entertainment, and accommodation.

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