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All 5 pedestrian bridges in Nansha open for public

Updated: 2024-05-30nansha.guangdong.chinadaily.com.cn

The ongoing construction project for pedestrian bridges and associated amenities in the Innovation Bay has recently achieved significant milestones. All five pedestrian bridges have been constructed and are now operational.

The Juxing Bridge, a highlight, establishes a vital link between the seaside road, Innovation Bay, and Jiaomen Island. This bridge not only facilitates connectivity between the west and east sides of the Jiaomen River but also serves as a picturesque attraction for tourists and residents seeking relaxation and scenic views.


The Jingang Avenue pedestrian bridge. [Photo/WeChat account: gz_nanshafabu]

The Jingang Avenue pedestrian bridge primarily caters to the needs of local residents, providing a well-designed river crossing that prioritizes landscape aesthetics and pedestrian experience.


The Innovation Bay to Dongyuehui corridor bridge. [Photo/WeChat account: gz_nanshafabu]

The Innovation Bay to Dongyuehui corridor bridge is strategically positioned to accommodate leisurely pedestrian traffic, effectively connecting various architectural areas. This bridge features single-pillar umbrella-shaped steel structure canopies, enhancing the overall visual experience along the corridor.


The pedestrian bridge in front of Rongtong Building. [Photo/WeChat account: gz_nanshafabu]

Additionally, the pedestrian bridge in front of Rongtong Building and the one in front of Sheraton Hotel serve as vital links to the respective riverside paths. Both bridges are designed to meet the needs of leisure and fitness enthusiasts, boasting sophisticated and lightweight designs that blend form and function seamlessly.

Collectively, these pedestrian bridges establish a comprehensive slow transportation system, enriching the public spaces with enhanced landscape features. By integrating Nansha's ecological advantages with urban development, these bridges offer pedestrians convenience while contributing to the creation of a verdant and aesthetically pleasing environment that caters to leisure, fitness, and river-crossing needs.

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