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Nansha dragon boat team shines in Frankfurt Dragon Boat Friendship Race

Updated: 2024-05-29nansha.guangdong.chinadaily.com.cn

On May 25, the opening ceremony of the first Frankfurt International Dragon Boat Friendship Race commenced along the banks of the Main River in Germany. The event brought together over 500 athletes from different countries and age groups, engaging in spirited competition amidst the enthusiastic cheers of the audience as they navigated the challenging waves of the Main River.


The dragon boat teams participate in the competition. [Photo/WeChat account: gz_nanshafabu]

The Guangzhou (Nansha) Dragon Boat Team, dressed in striking red uniforms, exhibited exemplary performance as they paddled vigorously to the beat of drums, securing the third-place winners in the professional category.

This year marks the 36th anniversary of the friendly city relationship between Guangzhou, China, and Frankfurt, Germany. The participation of the Guangzhou (Nansha) Dragon Boat Team added vibrancy to the event. This dragon boat race provides a valuable platform for cultural exchange among different civilizations.

In addition to the dragon boat race, the event featured a colorful array of Chinese cultural performances, including a Hanfu parade, traditional Chinese music, ancient dance performances, and captivating displays of Shaolin martial arts, attracting a large number of spectators.

Furthermore, the event hosted various food stalls, cultural and creative products, Chinese books, and more, providing the audience with an immersive experience of Chinese culture.

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