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Wanqingsha Bonded Port Cluster

Updated: 2024-01-03


Wanqingsha Bonded Port Cluster [Photo/VCG]

Wanqingsha Bonded Port Cluster covers 10 square kilometers, to its east is South Longxue waterway, to its south is Wanqingsha Shiyiyong, to its west is Lingxin Road and to its north is Wanqingsha Shibayong.

Functional positioning

Processing trade transformation and upgrading service zone

Planning and development priorities

The area will focus on manufacturing, research and development incubation, data services, e-commerce, testing and certification services and other productive services. It will set up a public service platform to promote technology research and development, industrial design and intellectual property rights for the transformation and upgrading of processing trade enterprises.

Land-use planning and status

The total usable land for construction in the area is 732.02 hectares, including 476 hectares for industrial use, 100 hectares for logistics storage, 59.5 hectares for commercial buildings, 70.1 hectares for residences and 70.1 hectares for public administration and public construction facilities.

According to the planned floor area ratio, the total floor area is 9.67 million square meters, including 1.19 million sq m for commercial buildings, 7.43 million sq m for workshops and warehouses, and 1.05 million sq m for residences.

Currently, among the 732.02 hectares of usable construction land, 9.13 hectares have been constructed, 35.86 hectares are under construction and 687.03 hectares remain unconstructed.

The built floor area is 145,400 sq m, 857,400 sq m are under construction and 8.67 million sq m remain unconstructed.

Planning and implementation

The zone will conduct in-depth cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao to innovate business models in areas such as cultivation of new formats in the electronic information industry, technological innovation services, testing and certification services. It will also set up a public service platform for technical research and development, industrial design, and an intellectual property and processing trade clearing center for the transformation and upgrading of processing trade enterprises. 

The Wanqingsha bonded port processing and manufacturing cluster is planning to construct functional parks such as a high-tech testing service center.


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