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Jiaomen River Central Cluster

Updated: 2024-01-03

蕉门河城市客厅(华灯初上 黄庆衡 )_副本.jpg

Night scenery of Jiaomen River Central Cluster [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

It has an area of 3 square kilometers. To its east is Jinlong Road, to its south is Shuangshan Avenue, to its west is Phoenix Avenue and to its north is Siyanjiao.

Functional positioning

Foreign investment integrated service zone 

Planning and development priorities

It will focus on the development of the business services industry, cultivate a new format of foreign trade, and gather SME headquarters. The area will support the development of domestic and international markets for SMEs in Hong Kong and Macao, and build a window and integrated service platform for domestic enterprises and individuals to "go global". Meanwhile, it will set up a promotion, service guarantee and risk prevention and control system for the "go global" policy.

Land-use planning and status

The total usable land for construction in the area is 139.53 hectares, including 18.35 hectares for administrative buildings, 88.93 hectares for business and commercial buildings, and 24.63 hectares for residences. 

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