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Nansha Bay Cluster

Updated: 2024-01-03

The cluster covers 5 square kilometers. To its east is Humen waterway, to its south is Jiaomen waterway, to its west is Huangshanlu, and to its north is Humen Bridge. 

Functional positioning

Integrated development pilot zone of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

Planning and development priorities

It will promote cooperation and integrated development of the modern service industry and technological innovation in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and focus on the development of business exhibitions, technological innovation, leisure and vacation services, economic service outsourcing for the yachting industry and ecological living.

Land-use planning and status

The total usable land for construction in the area is 321.9 hectares, including 68.75 hectares for scientific research, 98.38 hectares for business, 124.37 hectares for residences, and 30.4 hectares for public construction facilities.

According to the planned floor area ratio, the total floor area is 4.73 million square meters, including 65.89 sq m for businesses, 1.33 million sq m for commercial buildings, 1.93 million sq m for residences, 393,900 sq m for scientific research and 425,500 sq m for public construction facilities.

Currently, among the 321.9 hectares of usable construction land, 29.16 hectares have been constructed, 88.03 hectares are under construction and 200.79 hectares remain unconstructed.

Currently, the built floor area is 397,500 sq m, 802,100 sq m are under construction and 3.53 million sq m remain unconstructed.

Planning and implementation

The area will create a new model for cooperation in science and technology between Guangdong and Hong Kong, jointly promote the construction of an industrialization base for innovation achievements in Guangdong and Hong Kong and a regional science and technology innovation service center, and build a platform for the marketization of scientific and technological achievements. It will further expand the opening-up to Hong Kong and Macao in the service industry, and promote the mutual recognition of vocational qualifications and joint development of cruising, yachts, Lingnan water culture and other coastal tourism possibilities with Hong Kong and Macao.

Currently, the high-end business and supporting facilities in the Nansha Bay Cluster have taken shape and are accelerating construction of an international cruise port and a complete commercial complex with a total investment of 15 billion yuan. The Information Technology Park of the National Hi-tech Zone has formed three science and technology innovation groups.   


Yacht CN in Nansha Bay [Photo/VCG]

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