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Port Cluster

Updated: 2024-01-03

Port Cluster covers an area of 15 square kilometers, including 13 sq km of Longxue Island Processing Area and 2 sq km of Shazai Island Processing Area.

Functional positioning

International Shipping Development and Cooperation Zone 

Planning and development priorities

The cluster will focus on the development of shipping and logistics, bonded warehousing, international transit, international trade, commodity trading, automotive logistics and other shipping services. It will carry out reform in the field of international shipping services and customs, and join hands with Hong Kong and Macao to create a sea channel in the Pearl River Delta region.

Land-use planning and status

The total usable land for construction in the cluster is 1,324.37 hectares, including 64.46 hectares for commercial buildings, 897.72 hectares for ports and 362.19 hectares for logistics warehousing.

According to the planned floor area ratio, the total floor area is 12.91 million square meters.

Currently, among the 1324.37 hectares of usable construction land, 515.27 hectares are used for construction, 248.73 hectares are under construction and 560.37 hectares remain unconstructed.

The built floor area is 43,500 sq m and the unbuilt floor area is 1.248 million sq m.

Planning and implementation

Longxue Island Processing Area:

The first aim of the area will be in international shipping services. It will encourage Hong Kong and Macao to set up wholly-owned international ship management enterprises, support the investment in international ocean-going and international air transport services, and develop innovative shipping financial business, shipping exchanges, and shipping insurance business. Second, it will conduct cross-border e-commerce pilot business and explore the development of direct sales and the Internet of Things e-commerce model. Third, it will carry out the innovation of pilot port supervision system.

Shazai Island Processing Area: It will focus on the innovation business of the pilot automotive logistics, including the display and transactions of the autos and vehicle parallel import business.

Nansha Port Area (including Longxue Island Processing Area and Shazai Island Processing Area) is the main port area of Guangzhou Port with excellent coastline resources. Ten 100,000-ton deep-water container berths have been built in Phase I and Phase II of Nansha Port. Two 50,000-ton food berths and four general berths are currently under planning and construction. Fifty-seven domestic and foreign trade routes have been opened and business has been carried out with more than 20 feeding ports across the Pearl River. In 2013, Nansha Port achieved a container throughput of 10.23 million TEUs and a cargo throughput of 210 million tons, initially forming a port logistics industry cluster with strong competitiveness. On July 1, 2014, the State Council agreed to expand the import vehicle port of Guangzhou Port to Nansha Port.


Longxue Island Processing Area in Port Cluster in Nansha FTZ [Photo/VCG]

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