Nansha adds 2 new leisure stroll destinations for visitors


The external river levee upgrade and renovation project on Yisha Island, Hengli town, has recently been completed, local media outlets reported on Dec 9.

The flood control standard of the external river levee has a service life-span of 100 years. The embankment and road along the levee have a reasonable service life of 20 years and a length of approximately 12 kilometers.

The levee floor is made of sturdy composite panels, and the waterfront paths are equipped with railings and lifebuoys hanging at intervals.

From the railings, visitors can see the bustling traffic on the Hengli Bridge in the distance, along with the sparkling river. While walking along this green way towards the northern tip of Yisha Island, visitors can also enjoy the magnificent view of the sunset in the evening.

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A view of the waterfront path along the levee in Yisha Island. [Photo/WeChat account: nanshafabu]

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