Guangzhou's 1st autonomous truck fleet hits the road for testing

Updated: 2023-11-24

Nansha district's unicorn company recently announced that it has obtained the first autonomous truck fleet testing license in Guangzhou, allowing the company to conduct L4-level fleet automated driving tests on open roads in the city.

This move by the city provides strong support for to further develop its large-scale automated transportation services for bulk commodities.'s automated truck fleet operates in a "1+N" format, with one autonomous truck leading multiple L4-level automated trucks to safely navigate on highways. In this test, five automated driving trucks have obtained platoon test licenses.

This "1+N" platoon automated-driving format reduces operating costs and improves transportation efficiency. Additionally, by eliminating the braking time difference between vehicles and shortening the following distance, the leading vehicle can reduce air resistance for the following vehicles, thus reducing carbon emissions and achieving green travel.

This transportation model is set to improve road utilization efficiency, alleviate road congestion, and reduce traffic accidents.


Guangzhou's 1st autonomous truck fleet hits the road for testing. [Photo/WeChat account: nanshafabu]

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