Dagang Park recognized as Nansha's 1st ancient tree park

Updated: 2023-11-10 nansha.guangdong.chinadaily.com.cn

Dagang Park, located on the northwest side of the intersection of Tiyu Road and Zhenan Road in Nansha district, has been designated as the district's first ancient tree park, local media outlets reported on Nov 9.

With a total area of 7.5 hectares, the park is home to a 116-year-old ancient banyan tree and rich resources for the further exploration of other ancient trees.

The steep and reddish Danxia cliffs, historical stone steps, ancient quarry sites that have witnessed thousands of years of history, and lively koi fish... Upon entering Dagang Park, you will be treated to a series of picturesque scenes, where historical heritage and natural beauty blend seamlessly.

It is worth mentioning that Guangzhou has only two Danxia landform parks, one of which is located in Dagang Park. As you explore the park, you will be amazed by the stunning integration of traditional Chinese garden architecture and the Danxia landform, with buildings scattered between the cliffs and valleys like a beautiful painting.


Dagang Park. [Photo/WeChat account: nanshafabu]

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