Nansha project aims to improve sightseeing, touring routes

Updated: 2023-11-07

Located near Honggang village in Wanqingsha town, a modern rural demonstration belt project in Nansha district of Guangzhou has recently completed its first phase, local media outlets reported on Nov 2.

The project aims to become a model showcasing the integrated development of agriculture, science and technology, tourism, commerce, and culture as well as serving as a platform for international exchanges.

Early in 2022, Nansha launched the phase I project to create a "one corridor, two belts, three parks, and multiple nodes" layout for sightseeing and touring routes.

As of now, it has built a grassland camping area spanning 50 mu (8 hectares), a 500-square-meter study center, a characteristic homestay area with more than 50 rooms, and a 200-acre fruit-picking area.

In addition to covering five administrative villages, namely Honggang, Hongyang, Hongjiang, Honghai, and Gongcheng villages, it also encompasses a salty and freshwater aquaculture base that stretches for over 50,000 mu and doubles as a provincial-level modern fishing industrial park.

Nansha also integrates many popular tourist attractions, such as the Nansha Wetland Scenic Area, Guangzhou Nansha Water Bird World Ecological Park, Shijiuchong Fisherman's Wharf, Xinken Fishing Port, and Shisichong Aquatic Product Trading Center.


Nansha recently builds a modern rural demonstration belt project near Honggang village.  [Photo/WeChat account: nanshafabu]

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