Phoenix lake water system enhances Nansha's sustainable development

Updated: 2023-10-08

The Phoenix Lake Water System Connectivity and Ecological Restoration Project is located on the southeastern side of Huangge town, Nansha district.

It is situated in the central area of the Jiaomen River and next to Fengze West Road. It is a comprehensive urban ecological water system restoration project that combines ecological restoration, rainwater storage, and urban ecological landscapes.

The project consists of seven lakes: Fengming Lake, Fengqi Lake, Fengxiang Lake, Fengju Lake, Fenglin Lake, Fengcai Lake, and Fengji Lake.

On Sept 28, Fengxiang Lake and Fengju Lake were completed and open to the public. Fengming, Fenglin, and Fengcai lakes are still under construction.

"I heard that Nansha's Phoenix Lake Park has been completed. So I brought my girlfriend here for a walk. The lake scenery is nice and very suitable for a stroll," a citizen said while walking around Fengju Lake.

The park not only provides a beautiful and serene environment for residents to enjoy, but also serves important functions in managing rainwater and enhancing the overall ecological landscape of the district. The park signifies another step forward in the sustainable development of Nansha.

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Fengju Lake. [Photo/WeChat account: nanshafabu]


Fengxiang Lake. [Photo/WeChat account: nanshafabu]

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