Nansha fishery boosts innovation to achieve ecological balance

Updated: 2023-08-02

Located on Zhujiang Street of Guangzhou's Nansha district, a smart fishery utilizes intelligent equipment to achieve real-time monitoring, data analysis, and precision management for its aquaculture processes, local media outlets reported on Aug 1.

The feeding process at this fishery is automated and efficient. The staff simply needs to place the feed onto unmanned vehicles. These vehicles are designed to follow pre-laid tracks and will automatically deposit the feed into the storage tanks.

This standardized feeding method, with its precise timing and quantity output, enhances the quality and taste of the aquatic products.

Moreover, the fishery is experimenting with an innovative ecological farming model known as the "mulberry fish pond" system.

In this system, mulberry leaves are used to feed silkworms, and the silkworm castings are then used to feed the fish fry. The equipment then filters and separates the fish excrement, which is later used as fertilizer for the mulberry trees.

This creates a sustainable ecological cycle that addresses pollution and purification issues that are associated with fish farming.

This advanced smart fishery in Nansha showcases the integration of technology and ecology. Currently, it has applied for four patents, highlighting its innovative and unique approach to sustainable aquaculture.


The smart fishery in Nansha. [Photo/WeChat account: nanshafabu]

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