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Nansha builds new credit-based park to boost real economy

Updated: 2022-10-25 nansha.guangdong.chinadaily.com.cn

Guided by the principle of credit serving the real economy, Guangzhou's Nansha district has recently established a biomedical credit-based park, giving full play to the leading role of credit in optimizing Nansha's business environment and promoting its high-quality development, local media outlets reported on Oct 24.

The park is expected to focus on the difficulties and problems that enterprises in the park pay attention to, while providing more preferential and convenient services, such as administrative approval, credit services, AEO credit cultivation, excellence evaluation, as well as credit repair.

By the end of September, a total of 400 million pieces of credit information in 477 items covering 104 categories have been collected, as well as 13,000 credit portrait label data in 26 items covering four categories to fully cover the enterprises in the park and providing them the service of "knowing their credit by scanning a code.”

In addition, the park has been equipped with an exclusive "credit steward" to provide 24-hour all-round services, such as information queries, credit policy consultations, and credit financing guidance, strengthening the accumulation and circulation of credit assets.

According to statistics, since the launch of the "credit steward" three months ago, it has received a total of 69 inquiries. To date, enterprises in the park have received nearly 6 billion yuan ($1 billion) in investment loans.

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