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China's 1st metaverse government affairs zone settles in Nansha

Updated: 2022-10-14 nansha.guangdong.chinadaily.com.cn


A view of the Guangzhou Nansha Government Affairs Center. [Photo/WeChat account: Guangzhou Daily]

The Guangzhou Nansha Government Affairs Center recently launched its metaverse government affairs zone, local media outlets reported on Oct 13.

The zone enables members of the public to use virtual reality glasses to learn about service information, including the exact location of business windows, information desks, self-service areas, and other relevant information in advance.

Apart from VR glasses, the zone plans to launch an application, which people can download and use on their mobile phones to get the latest news about government affairs.

Citizens can register the use of special equipment in the metaverse government affairs zone. Registration for the public place sanitation license permit (including reconstruction and expansion), as well as the construction project planning permit for self-built houses on State-owned land can also be handled in it.

In addition, it supports the adaptive change of decoration style according to festival characteristics and is expected to set up an online cloud window to provide "one-to-one" real-time video customer service. 

Through its technology enabling efforts, the metaverse government affairs zone will realize one-stop online services, such as business consultation and affairs handling, constantly improving efficiency and reducing processing time for both people and enterprises.

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