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People chill out at Nansha's libraries during summer

Updated: 2022-08-08 nansha.guangdong.chinadaily.com.cn


The reading space in a Nansha Library branch. [Photo/WeChat account: nanshafabu]

In the hot summer, the branches of the Nansha Library provide a cool and comfortable reading environment for visitors. As a result, it has been drawing a large number of readers eager to read and study while also escaping the scorching summer heat.

On average, the public libraries in Nansha receive more than 8,000 readers, with 11,000 books borrowed every day. From January to July this year, the library has borrowed more than 1.23 million books to readers.

To facilitate readers eager to read and study at a Nansha Library branch, many tasks have been carried out, such as adding reading seats, putting new books on the library shelves, expanding the parent-child area, as well as adding a temporary dining area, which has improved the readers' reading experience in the library and allowed readers to enjoy their time in the summer.

To date, Nansha's public libraries have received nearly 200,000 readers during the summer vacation period.


A visitor reads a book at a Nansha Library branch. [Photo/WeChat account: nanshafabu]    


A variety of books are displayed on a shelf at a Nansha Library branch. [Photo/WeChat account: nanshafabu]

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