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Cruise plaza to help Nansha become intl consumption center

Updated: 2022-08-04chinadaily.com.cn

Nansha has set a goal of establishing an international city-level commercial system by 2035, and China Communications Construction Company International Cruise Plaza is a significant part of that effort.

The plaza's operator plans to enter the market in the second half of 2022 with a self-owned commercial volume of around 35,000 square meters.

It will be integrated into a major urban complex that will include a large cruise port, terminals, themed hotels, and business centers, with cruise tourism and high-end business development as the two major industries.

This project represents the image of Guangzhou connecting to the ocean and will help Nansha compete globally and develop into an international consumption center.

The plaza is located in the Guangzhou Nansha International Cruise Home Port. The port has a total construction area of 760,000 square meters. At present, it has built two cruise ship berths at 225,000-metric-ton level and 100,000-ton level, which can accommodate the largest cruise ships in the world and the maximum annual customs clearance can reach 750,000 passengers.

When the second phase is completed, it will become one of the largest cruise ship ports in Asia.

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Guangzhou Nansha International Cruise Home Port. [Photo/WeChat account: nanshafabu]

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