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Nansha to launch commercial bus routes to Shenzhen, Zhuhai

Updated: 2022-07-28 GZFAO

The Guangzhou Bus Group and Nansha Bus Company are planning to launch two customized, commercial "business routes" between Nansha's Jiaomen Bus Terminal and Shenzhen's Houhai Metro Station, as well as Jiaomen and the Gongbei Checkpoint in Zhuhai. 

The new "business routes" are expected to open in August, facilitating travel between Nansha and ports connecting Shenzhen to Hong Kong and Zhuhai to Macao in as little as 1.5 hours. 

The Nansha-Shenzhen line includes ten stations, with seven stations in Nansha and three in Shenzhen: Jiaomen Bus Terminal, Jinzhou Metro Station, Jinzhou Bus Station, Nansha Country Garden, Haili Garden, Ocean Times, Nansha Passenger Port; Xixiang Metro Station, Qianwan Metro Station, Houhai Metro Station.

The Nansha-Zhuhai line includes seven stations, with two stations in Nansha and five in Zhuhai: Jiaomen Bus Terminal, Jinzhou Metro Station; Beijing Institute of Technology (Zhuhai), Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai, Xiangzhou district government, Overseas Chinese Hotel, Gongbei Checkpoint.

The bus lines operate with 14-seat coaches and the full ticket price is 60 yuan per person, with the travel time of about 1.5 hours for a single trip.

Passengers can purchase tickets through the official WeChat account of Ruyue Intercity Bus (如约城际巴士, ID: rycj2bus).

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