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New expressway to be built connecting Nansha with Huangpu

Updated: 2022-07-20 chinadaily.com.cn

Preparatory work for the Huangpu-Nansha Expressway is currently accelerating. The project was included in the 2022 key projects plan of Guangzhou, which was released by the Guangzhou municipal development and reform commission in February 2022 on its official website.

The total length of the two-way six-lane expressway is about 36.61 kilometers. The main line of the Huangpu-Nansha Expressway project starts from the south of the intersection of Huangpu East Road and Shihua Road in Huangpu district. The line is laid along the west bank of the Pearl River, passing through the east side of Panyu district and Nansha district, as well as connecting to the Shiziyang Passage at Jigushan Road.

The Huangpu-Nansha Expressway Hualong Branch starts from the east side of the intersection of Kaifa Avenue and Dongjiang Avenue in Huangpu district, passes through Huangpu New Port and Pearl River from east to west, and then extends westward along Jinshan Avenue to the main line of the project.

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