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Innovation alliance uses metaverse business to boost real economy

Updated: 2022-03-28 chinadaily.com.cn

The establishment of the Guangzhou Metaverse Innovation Alliance will help Guangzhou accelerate constructing the global digital economy demonstration city and the international consumption center city. The alliance hopes to use the metaverse business to serve the real economy.

Metaverse is a vision for future development, but it is now in a nascent stage and the public should rationally examine the tech buzzword, said Zhang Yunyong, a member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

Wang Guilin, director of the Guangzhou municipal science and technology bureau, pointed out that the establishment of the alliance highlights Guangzhou's efforts in accelerating the layout of the metaverse industry as a leader in the field.

He expects that members of the alliance will cooperate and support each other, continuously develop metaverse's core technologies, and promote the application of metaverse.

Pengfeng, president of Guangzhou DaXiZhou Technology (one of the sponsors of the alliance) pointed out that the alliance plans to set up a metaverse application demonstration center and a metaverse based in Nansha and establish a metaverse industrial-economic belt with Nansha as the core.

The Guangzhou Metaverse Innovation Alliance was established in Nansha's Innovation Bay on March 25th and was jointly initiated by units including Guangzhou Chenjing Technology and Netease Zhiqi Technology.

As one of the members of the alliance, Guangzhou Chenjing Technology is a high-tech company founded in Nansha in 2019 that focuses on the development of full 3D operating systems and computing platforms with spatial intelligence as its core.

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