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Guangzhou metro riders can take Beijing subways via QR code

Updated: 2021-05-13 By Qiu Quanlin in Guangzhou chinadaily.com.cn

Passengers in Guangzhou, the capital of South China's Guangdong province, are now allowed to take both the Guangzhou and Beijing subways with the QR code on the Guangzhou Metro's online app, starting Wednesday, according to the company.

The move followed a joint effort by the Guangzhou Metro and its Beijing counterpart to achieve mutual recognition of payment via QR codes of their respective application.

Also starting Wednesday, citizens of Beijing can travel on Guangzhou metro lines with the QR code on its local metro app.

The new function is available on the two cities' metro networks, with exceptions for the Guangzhou Haizhu Circle Tram Line, Huangpu Tram Line 1, Guangzhou-Qingyuan Intercity Railway and Guangzhou East Ring Intercity Railway.

In addition to the connection with Beijing, Guangzhou also has achieved mutual recognition of payment via QR codes in metro rides with its counterparts in Shanghai and Chongqing.

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