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Discounts available for ferries to Zhuhai islands

Updated: 2021-03-03 chinadaily.com.cn


A view of Guishan Island. [Photo/gznsnews.com.cn]

A 20 percent discount is available between now and April 30 for those purchasing tickets to travel from the Nansha Passenger Port to two islands in Zhuhai, namely Guishan Island and Wailingding Island.

Those travelling to Wailingding Island now only need to pay 198 yuan ($31) for a one-way ticket in economy class and 224 yuan for first class. Meanwhile, those travelling to Guishan Island only need to pay 168 yuan for economy class and 192 yuan for first class.

Guishan Island is a famous "red education" base. The island is named after the PLA Guishan Warship whose crew fought heroically in the early 1950s to liberate the island in the Wanshan Sea Battle.

The island has a total of four lighthouses. The one located at the southwest of the island was first built as a lamp pole in 1953 and then renovated in 1961 into a white square lighthouse. 

The splendid sunset view is a must-see vista for visitors to Guishan Island. 

Wailingding Island is 28 nautical miles southeast of Zhuhai and is about 6 nautical miles away from Hong Kong's Cheung Chau Island, being the only island that boasts a view of downtown Hong Kong.

Visitors can not only experience the fun of sea fishing but also go climbing - the main peak of the island is 311.8 meters in height.

Currently, ferries are available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

The ferry departs from Nansha Passenger Port on 9:45 to Guishan Island and then leaves Guishan Island on 13:10 to Wailingding Island. The ferry will return from Wailingding Island at 12:20. 

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