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Highest building in Nansha opens its doors

Updated: 2021-01-06chinadaily.com.cn


Aerial view of Kingboard Square in Nansha district. [Photo by Liu Wei/ycwb.com]

Kingboard Square, a building of over 150 meters in height situated in Guangzhou's Nansha district, opened its doors on Jan 5, becoming the new highest building in the district and a new local landmark.

Located in Nansha's Huangge town, the building was constructed at a cost of more than 1 billion yuan ($154.87 million) by Kingboard Holdings Limited. The overall design of the building was by Aedas, which has been a leading international architecture and design practice for five years. 

It is expected that the building will provide space for more high-end offices, commercial units and residences, thus making a contribution to the development of Nansha's modern international business environment.

The building is divided into three vertical parts, each of ascending height running from north to south.

The lowest part of the building has 21 floors and a roof garden. The mid-height section has 26 floors, with an infinite outdoor swimming pool available on the 26th floor. The highest part, with 34 floors, has a 360-degree viewing platform at its apex.

The second floor of the building is scheduled to include an outdoor corridor that is connected to Jiaomen Station on Guangzhou Metro Line 4.

Kingboard Holdings Limited, a listed company from Hong Kong, has been China's largest circuit board manufacturer and the world's largest copper clad panel manufacturer for 16 consecutive years.

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