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Autonomous driving to see further development in Nansha

Updated: 2020-08-11chinadaily.com.cn

The document for the trial implementation of measures to support the further development of the intelligent and connected vehicle (ICV) industry in Guangzhou's Nansha district has started soliciting public opinion from Aug 4 to Sept 2.

The document, covering seven measures spanning expanding areas for open road testing and carrying out the commercial application of low-speed ICVs, showcased Nansha's determination in bolstering the development of the ICV industry.

Nansha will conditionally allow open road testing for self-driving vehicles in the Pearl Bay and the open area will be further expanded according to the development condition of autonomous driving technology.

The number of testing vehicles in one single test should be no more than 10 when applying for the test for the first time, and the number can be increased after a six-month operation without traffic accidents or out-of-control situations.

Nansha will support the application of low-speed ICVs in areas like logistics distribution and security patrol in enclosed or semi-enclosed areas, such as communities, hospitals, parks, ports, industrial parks, and commercial plazas. The vehicles should be fully fuelled by electricity, with a designated speed of no more than 30 kilometers per hour.


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