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Pacific (Panyu) Textiles Holdings Limited

Updated: 2020-04-16 chinadaily.com.cn

Pacific (Panyu) Textiles Holdings Limited is the production base for Pacific Textiles Holdings Limited, a leading manufacturer of customized knitted fabric in the textile industry headquartered in Hong Kong.

The production plant is well-equipped with advanced production facilities, including a scalable water treatment facility and a co-generation power plant, which are key to production efficiency and flexibility.  

It provides integrated services of knitting, dyeing, printing, and finishing, with an annual production capacity of approximately 87 million kilograms.

It has collaborated closely with apparel brand owners to design fabrics that meet particular customized orders.  

Address: Pacific Industrial City, Wanqingsha town, Nansha district, Guangzhou, Guangdong province

Tel: +86-20-84948868

Fax: +86-20-84947915

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