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Nansha to answer Spring Festival travel rush

Updated: 2020-01-13

The starting gun has been fired on the world’s largest annual human migration - the Spring Festival travel rush. Guangzhou’s Nansha district held a conference on Jan 8 to mobilize its safe transport plans.


A glance of the mobilization conference for Spring Festival travel rush. [Photo/gznsnews.com.cn]

The 2020 travel rush starts from Jan 10 and ends on Feb 18 - a total of 40 days.

Compared with 2019, this year is 11 days ahead of schedule. In the early stage of the Spring Festival, there will be a peak, with a confluence of “worker flow”, “student flow” and “visiting relatives flow”.

Faced with the changing characteristics of the migration, the improvement of transportation facilities, and the more diversified travel needs of the people, the government is rethinking how to manage the movements.

“Emergency capacity” has been launched, in accordance with the seamless connection plan, to transport passengers from major tourist attractions to transportation hubs such as metro stations and bus terminals.

In addition, the government will arrange taxis to patrol the district. Every effort is being made to ensure that citizens and tourists receive timely and orderly transfer services.

Shi Yong, deputy director general of the Administrative Committee of Nansha Development Zone, pointed out that the local population density is relatively low and the overall traffic volume is normally small. Under such circumstances, late high-speed trains, bad weather, high-speed rail congestion, and poor on-site order control may all pose great challenges to the road transport network.

He demanded to improve the district’s emergency plans and handling capabilities by strengthening the allocation of highway, buses, and taxis transport, fully utilizing the advantages of a combined transport system.

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