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IFF starts construction on its new ‘financial island’

Updated: 2019-11-29

A groundbreaking ceremony for International Financial Forum’s permanent conference site was held in Guangzhou’s Nansha district on Nov 24, heralding the construction of the country’s first international financial island.


The International Financial Forum’s permanent conference site groundbreaking ceremony held in Nansha. [Photo/gznsnews.com.cn]

The International Finance Forum (IFF), headquartered in Beijing, is an independent international agency for exchange and research in the financial sector. Its Nansha base will act as a financial diplomacy platform and a strategic think-tank to attract global investments and high-end talents.

The project, with an investment of 3.5 billion yuan ($491.79 million), will cover 240,000 square meters.


An artist’s impression of the IFF permanent site. [Photo/gznsnews.com.cn]

The theme of the building’s design is based on the coming together of countries and treasures, highlighting the local geographical advantage of “five rivers running into the bay”. The architectural appearance is high on three sides and low in the middle, symbolizing convergence and inclusiveness.

Based around its permanent conference site, the IFF will work with local governments to build the country’s first financial island, which is to accept 100 billion yuan investments and cover an area of land of 2.27 million sq m.

The focus will be on shipping, technology and finance businesses.

The location of IFF is a symbol of financial industry agglomeration in the district. Nansha is pushing forward many more projects, such as a national commercial bank, a national venture capital center and a trading platform for shipping insurance elements.

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