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Nansha firemen couples embrace group wedding

Updated: 2019-11-08

Guangzhou’s Nansha district held a group wedding for 10 couples where the groom is a firefighter on Nov 5 to bless these public security protectors. The district’s deputy mayor Xie Ming gave his best wishes to them at the ceremony.


Ten newlywed couples are shown at the firefighters’ group wedding ceremony. [Photo/gznsnews.com.cn]

Ten fire trucks departed under a cheerful atmosphere, in a rare change from their usual missions, sending newlywed couples to their wedding venue.

Firefighters have little time to be with their families. They must rush to the scene immediately once the alarm goes off, even though there is a risk.

Li Shifang, a firefighter and bridegroom in the event, shared his story with gratitude and excitement. He pledged to try his best to protect his family as well as Nansha, and his wife Tan Xiumei showed that she was proud to marry a firefighter.

“Even if we have only a minute to get together, we will relish the 60 seconds,” said Li to his wife at the ceremony.

Notably, a Fire Control Awareness Month activity was launched after the ceremony, publicizing firefighting knowledge and simulating fire escape. The linkage of the two activities made people pay more attention to firefighting.

The local government has attached great importance to firefighting in recent years. It has spent 16 million yuan ($2.28 million) since 2018 to beef up local miniature fire stations and public safety warning systems.

Another 800,000 yuan will be used to equip solitary elders and low-income people with fire monitors.

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