Hengli Town

Updated: 2019-05-22

Hengli town, near Nansha center, has witnessed many reforms and developments. The term Shatian Water Towns refers to the natural villages gradually formed on the embankment in the coastal zone since the end of the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127).


The scenery of Hengli Town[Photo/gznsnews.com.cn]

“Feng Ma Third village, fishery development demonstration village" , is a wonderful stage play performed at the Fengma Grand Stage. The comedy depicts true-to-life scenes that are also staged in the hearts of the villagers.

The corn granules here are of sweet taste and beautiful color. The town’s celery is noted for reducing blood pressure. These products have already become golden signboards of Hengli town, Nansha.

For thousands of years, Hengli people have developed a unique Dan family culture reflecting their strong wills and smart minds. The most concentrated expression of this culture is the Xianshui folk songs.

Xiangshui folk songs are also known as boat songs. In Hengli, whenever people come together, they sing about Xianshui folk songs to express their feelings. And once someone sings the beginning, there is always someone who answers.

In recent years, with the increasing protection of intangible cultural heritages, Hengli people are more aware of the importance of protecting Xianshui folk songs. The Hengli people want to guide the development of Xianshui folk songs and encourage mass singers.

In 2011, they collected and sorted out the local, widely sung Xianshui folk songs and published a book compiling them.

In Hengli, due to the river network, the traditional marriage ceremony is modeled on a water village wedding.

Rowing boats is already an instinctive skill of Hengli people. The women’s dragon boat team of Hengli is not only a female army; it’s also a well-known sports brand in the Pearl River Delta.


Ragon boat race of Hengli[Photo/gznsnews.com.cn]

Hengli’s dense rivers not only give it the unique characteristics of a water town, but also high speed development. From an aerial view, the Jiaomen waterway and the upper and lower horizontal water channels are clearly visible. They are densely packed like blood vessels to transport fresh blood to the land.

Lying on these waters are "three phoenix sisters", the three bridges of Hengli.


The first bridge of Hengli Town[Photo/gznsnews.com.cn]

The first bridge connects Huangge and the Lingshan Peninsula. The magnificent cable stay is like the hands of countless giants picking up the bridge from the water.The second bridge is a sunflower arch bridge. It goes through Lingshan Island Pointed area and Hengli Island Pointed area. The third bridge, running from north to south, is a steel box tied arch bridge. Along the coastal landscape, beautiful scenery is always in view. The past and present life of Hengli is a rise from a small fishing village to a prosperous CBD.

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