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Six newly-added convenience services launched on mobile APP

Updated: 2019-02-11

Recently, six new convenience service functions have been launched, including a mobile medical treatment service, provident fund and social security inquiries, entry and exit businesses, agriculture and forestry affairs-related services and services for car owners.These added functions will largely simplify procedures and save time.

For provident fund-related services,there are three major module functions: inquiry, extraction, and appointment, covering payment for provident fund information inquiries, provident fund withdrawal applications, and front desk business appointments.

At the same time, entry and exit appointments based on the existed functions, Hong Kong and Macao endorsements and progress inquiries have also been added to the public security service. For entry and exit appointment services, the applicant can fill in personal identification information, note the type of documents required and go through the designated entry and exit reception window at the appointed time to reduce on-site queuing.

For the Hong Kong and Macao re-endorsement, the applicant can fill in the information online and apply for a new endorsement, which greatly reduces the time required at the immigration service hall.

In the case of medical treatment, the Nansha government has launched convenient online service and greatly expanded the online and offline application of social security cards, piloting new social security card online settlement functionality.

The new social security inquiry service provides the public with a list of insurance premiums, including the amount of insurance premiums paid and details of payment, so that the public can determine the specific destination of monthly social security premiums without leaving home.

In addition, the car owner service provides the public with three functional sections: vehicle service information inquiries, traffic violation information inquiries, and driver license document information management.

The agriculture and forestry affairs-related services provide online services for business registration, certificate issuance and development approval for some matters such as leasing, changing or cancellation of registration of fishing vessels.

In 2018, the WeChat public account “Nansha Government Affairs”rolled out a package of convenient services in the categories of industry and commerce, public security, taxation, and real estate. The newly added convenience services will further facilitate the public in dealing with things online.

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