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"King of sugarcanes" unveiled in Nansha Eco-tourism Culture Carnival

Updated: 2019-01-10

The 3rd Eco-tourism Culture Carnival was held in Xinghai Culture Square, Lanhe Town on Jan 5.

Dealers in sugarcane signed purchase and sale contracts on the spot, and the“king of sugarcanes” was unveiled at anauction. Other Lanhe culture business cards like an intangible cultural heritage Xiangyun yarn fashion show were displayed in a cloud of sugarcane sweetness.


Nansha Eco-tourism Culture Carnival[Photo by Liuwei/gznsnews.com]

The sugarcane had a good harvest and the annual " sugarcane king” selection displayed some towering canes. The yellow peel sugarcane king was 3.95 meters high and weighed 11.6 jin(about 5.8 kilograms). The black skin "sugarcane king " was 3.95 meters high and weighed 12.6 jin (about 6.3 kilograms). The two prize-winning canes were planted and cultivated by villager Liang Xiyuan. In the auction they were sold at high prices of 28,000 yuan ($4095.72)and 38,000 yuan.


The auction of the two prize-winning sugarcanes [Photo by Liuwei/gznsnews.com]

This year, 26,000 mu(10522 hectares) of canes produced total output of 208,000 tons. Dealers from all over the country came to the market and signed purchase contracts.

The government of Lanhe town signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with Guangzhou Nansha Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Rural Revitalization Service Center to jointly build a beautiful Lanhe.

The government plans high-quality comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization work, implementation of rural revitalization practice at the provincial level, and establishment of a base to showcase rural regeneration in the province. It seeks to further enhance the rural revitalization of the townand encourage all-round cooperation.


Village concert [Photo by Liuwei/gznsnews.com]

Eco-tourism Culture Carnival also invited many photographers to participate in the contest. And, in the afternoon, a village concert was held attracting many citizens.

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