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Guangzhou CloudWalk Technology Co Ltd

Updated: 2018-10-31

Guangzhou CloudWalk Technology Co Ltd is an enterprise drafting and formulating the national standard of face recognition, which is one of unicorn enterprises in Guangdong province. The company has the world's leading face and image recognition and analysis technology, taking Chongqing as the center of its business and setting up R & D teams in Shanghai, Chengdu and Silicon Valley. It is the biggest supplier of visual identification systems for domestic banks and airport security.

CloudWalk Technology company will build AI visual image innovation research and development center and public technology support platform in Nansha, attracting AI-related international talents and enterprises to settle down.

Nansha Police has cooperated with CloudWalk Technology company to build trial platform for face recognition and face big data gathering and analyzing platform, which are expected to improve urban management efficiency by AI technology. 

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