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Qingsheng Hub Cluster

Updated: 2024-01-03

Qingsheng Hub Cluster covers 8 square kilometers. To its east is Xiaohuli waterway, to its west is Jingzhu Expressway, to its south is Guangzhou-Shenzhen Port passenger special line and to its north is Shawan waterway.

Functional positioning

International education and medical cooperation pilot zone

Planning and development priorities

The area will focus on the development of educational training, health care and other industries, and explore in advance the deep opening to Hong Kong and Macao and the world in education and medical treatment areas.

Land-use planning and status

The total usable land for construction in the area is 247 hectares, including 117.7 hectares for education, 50.2 hectares for medical treatment, 50.7 hectares for businesses, and 28.4 hectares for residences.

According to the planned floor area ratio, the total floor area is 3.52 million square meters, including 1.18 sq m for education.


Panorama of Qingsheng Hub Cluster [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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