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Huangge town in Nansha to become intl automobile town

Updated: 2020-06-22chinadaily.com.cn


Staff members of Nansha customs inspect a parallel import car. [Photo/southcn.com]

Huangge town in Guangzhou's Nansha district plans to become an international automobile town, officials announced during a forum on automobile imports and exports held in the district on June 18.

The town will devote great efforts in turning the area into a major channel for the export of automobiles, as well as in offering comprehensive automobile-themed experiences for the public by building facilities like theme parks, RV campsites, and forest parks.

It has formed the first industrial cluster with a value of over 100 billion yuan ($14.13 billion) in Nansha district with the manufacturing zone of GAC-Toyota in the area.

Nansha has released several preferential policies to provide a convenient business environment that leads in China for the export of automobiles in areas spanning customs clearance, financial support, bonded exhibitions, and marketing.

Zhou Bin, deputy director of Nansha customs, said that it currently only takes 10 minutes on average for the inspection of imported automobiles in Nansha, which has attracted many companies to choose Nansha for parallel import cars in the past two months.

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